Summer Skin Tips from Skin Philosophy by Kelly

Summer Skin Tips

Keep your skin looking and feeling its best this Summer with these Summer skin tips. You know what the first one is gonna be, right? Yep, wear SPF. You should be wearing SPF every day but during summertime many of us get more sun exposure so it’s important to wear it every day and remember to reapply. Wearing daily SPF is one of the best things you can do to prevent the early break down of collagen that leads to signs of aging. But what kind should I wear? Honestly, any kind you like. Our Sun Philosophy SPF is a customer favorite for it’s soft, silky feel and blurring effect. Its perfect alone or under makeup (currently available at our Downtown Livermore location). No matter which SPF you choose, just wear it daily, okay?

Wear a hat and sunglasses when spending in the sun. Love gardening, laying by the pool, hiking, being on a boat? Or maybe you’re spending a lot of time at your kids sporting events. Whatever the occasion is be sure to wear sunglasses and wear a hat that provides coverage over your face, ears, and neck. You can also practice safe sun by wearing SPF protective clothing which is labeled with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor, the sun protection rating for fabrics).

Limit sun exposure during the hours of 10 am – 4 pm when the sun is the strongest. I know this can be hard so just make sure to avoid it when possible and practice the safe sun tips above when it’s not possible.

Exfoliate your body. Wearing more SPF on our bodies along with more sweating makes regular exfoliation a good idea. It’s a good idea all year long, but you may need to bump it up a little in the summer. Don’t forget to apply your favorite body oil, lotion, or cream afterwards for soft, hydrated skin.

Add a vitamin c serum to your routine. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals that contribute to premature aging. Vitamin c also helps to brighten the skin and promotes collagen production. Win, win, win!

Lighten up your moisturizer. If you’re not experiencing seasonal dryness, or you find yourself getting a little oily and shiny during these hotter months try switching up to a lighter weight moisturizer. Need a personalized recommendation? Just let me know, I’m here to help. Get a yearly mole check with your doctor or dermatologist. While this doesn’t necessarily need to happen during the summer months it is best to book an appointment ahead of time as many dermatologists are booked out 2 – 3 months.

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